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Driver Webcam Asus F3j

i bought mine new and it has the 3.0.6 kernel. i used the sdb:ati_drivers you mentioned. it worked fine at first but after a few months the kernel started to "slowly" change from 3.6 to 3.7 with no interruptions until today. i could not find any information on this. i had to ask my current eeepc to make a new partition on my hard drive and install a clean new copy of windows. and this is what happened. i reinstalled windows and the kernel changed again to 3.7. the sdb:ati_drivers didnt work anymore and i found some threads in various forums that said this was the right thing to do. i then installed the 3.7 kernel and the sdb:ati_drivers and it worked fine for a few months. but today i started to have problems again. the kernel changed again and the sdb:ati_drivers didnt work anymore. i tried to follow the same procedure and it worked again. it seems that the only thing that will work is to have a clean install every time that the kernel changes. and this is really a pain.

Driver Webcam Asus F3j

mark, it took me a few hours to fix this, but i had to do the same thing you did. i noticed a change in the kernel version and followed these steps: 1. install a clean copy of windows and let it do its thing. 2. update the bios to the latest version. 3. install the sdb:ati drivers from here: 4. install the three drivers i mentioned in my first post. 5. download the latest graphics drivers from here: 6. install the two driver versions i mentioned in my first post. 7. reboot and pray!


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