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Grammarway 4 Greek Edition

Grammarway 4 Greek Edition

Grammarway 4 Greek Edition is a grammar book for learners of English at upper-intermediate level. It is part of the Grammarway series, which consists of four books that cover different levels of difficulty. The book can be used to supplement any main coursebook at secondary level and is suitable for both self-study and classroom use.


Features of the book

  • The book has 224 pages and is divided into 20 units, each focusing on a specific grammar topic. The units are followed by four revision units that test the students' knowledge of the grammar points covered in the previous units.

  • The book presents grammar structures through functional examples, accompanied by attractive photographs and illustrations. The examples are followed by comprehensive theory boxes that explain the rules and exceptions of the grammar structures.

  • The book provides a variety of exercises with space for filling in answers. The exercises are designed to help the students use correct and appropriate patterns in everyday situations. The exercises include multiple choice, gap filling, matching, error correction, speaking and writing activities.

  • The book comes with a key to the exercises in the Student's Book, notes on how to exploit the exercises and photocopiable assessment tests. The book also includes picture flashcards that can be used for classroom presentation and practice of the new structures in each unit.

Benefits of using the book

The book is a useful resource for students who want to improve their grammar skills and prepare for exams such as FCE or ECCE. The book helps the students to:

  • understand and master the grammar structures of English through clear and simple explanations and examples.

  • practice and revise the grammar structures through a wide range of exercises that cater for different learning styles and preferences.

  • develop their communicative competence and fluency through speaking and writing activities that encourage them to use the grammar structures in meaningful contexts.

  • monitor their progress and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses through revision units and assessment tests.

Where to buy the book

The book is available in various online and physical bookstores in Greece. Some of the online bookstores that sell the book are:







I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


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