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Blue Bloods - Season 13

so i have the paramount subscription though the apple tv app on my apple tv set top box. for some reason now all of a sudden this one latest episode of blue bloods is coming up as a "$2.99" purchase or purchase entire season.. i don't know why its doing this. nothing has changed on my end.. i have the premier subscription with family sharing. the rest of the paramount items are playing fine. nothing is asking me to pay for anything. the new movies that just came out the new series that just came out with stallone they all work. so i dont get it.

Blue Bloods - Season 13

As season 13 steadily approaches its finale, Blue Bloods has finally revealed the official date the instalment will come to an end. While fans gingerly anticipate the episode, many have made calls for CBS to announce renewal news.

A representative for the show confirmed that Blue Bloods will not return with new episodes until Friday, March 3. The reason for the delay is not clear. On Friday, February 17, CBS will be re-airing an episode from season 12 called "Firewall." On February 24, the network will air two episodes of Fire Country, a new drama about prisoners on work release helping combat wildfires, in the typical Blue Bloods time slot.

We're hoping to see much more of the New Kids on the Block star's character for many seasons to come. CBS has not officially renewed Blue Bloods for season 14, but last year season 13 was not confirmed until April, so we're hoping to hear official word about the show's future soon.

With Erin Reagan and Maria Baez having made some huge decisions in "Silver Linings," everyone in the Reagans' world is going to have to adapt during Season 13. Blue Bloods is known for its blend of family stories and police drama, and the upcoming season will be more of the same. Characters have both personal and professional choices to make when the show returns.

Outside of the Reagans, Blue Bloods fans will be able to look forward to more of Baez's personal life. In the Season 12 finale, Baez stepped up to adopt an unclaimed newborn child from a previous case. Her partner Danny Reagan, played by The Masked Singer alum Donnie Wahlberg, immediately supported the idea of Baez becoming a mother and now the show has a lot to explore with the concept. Danny himself has been on his own since his wife Linda died several seasons ago, so will he give extra support to his partner as she goes down a similar road?

Blue Bloods closes out Season 13 on Friday, May 19, at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. One thing that fans are still worried about is the renewal of their favorite show. CBS brass has not said a word about it up until this time. Viewers have started a hashtag campaign called #renewbluebloods. They have headed over to Twitter and left their comments there. 041b061a72


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