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Joker Movie In Telugu Download

As we all know that in the DC Comics, the Dark Knight, a.k.a Batman is the ultimate vigilante character. Our writer of that film has become almost a self-referential What if Batman was a recluse? movie, What if Dark Knight was not on his own, but part of a crime gang?

Joker movie in telugu download

The form of the dialogue follows the pattern of the screaming style that Dark Knight used in his first film, and which continues to be used ever since. In other words, it was written as if it was a scene in which a man is furiously trying to talk to someone. This keeps with the motif that this movie is almost a commentary on the dynamic between Harley and Joker. As we know that the Batman and Joker always have an arrangement, after a certain point they start playing on each others emotions. When Joker comes back to escape Harley, he is trying to manipulate her and express his own emotions.

The early scenes of Batmans childhood were also initially written completely differently. The intention was to get the audience to empathise with the Joker when he says, What if I was your father? In the earlier version, he was a social recluse who was emotionally distant and who didnt want to have a child with his neglectful wife, Linda.

Harleys father is still in prison in this version of the ending. Instead of the Joker being the dark figure who still remains inside of Harley, Batman here is the true villain, and he takes the gun from Harleys mouth and kills her as a form of revenge.

This ending was decided to be too happy and meaningless. The Joker in the film does not have any regrets, and while he does seem to regret killing his first victim, he is perfectly okay with himself. The Joker has managed to make a full recovery from his mortal wounds, and has is finally content.


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