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Guide on Calculating Betting Winnings in Soccer with Specific Examples

New bettors often struggle with how to calculate their winnings in soccer betting, which affects their investment choices and betting decisions. Understanding these challenges, Soccer Tips provides the most accurate and easy-to-understand formulas for calculating your earnings.

According to the betting rules mentioned in the guide on how to bet on soccer, you only receive money if you win, but in reality, there are many different scenarios for calculating winnings. Here are the most detailed and clear divisions.

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How to Calculate Soccer Betting Winnings: Winning Scenarios

You will receive the full profit along with your initial stake if you win outright. However, each type of bet has some differences in how winnings are calculated.

How to Calculate Winnings in Over/Under (O/U) Soccer BetsThis type of bet can result in a full win, full loss, half win, or half loss. The formula is defined as follows:

Full Match Win = Stake x Bookmaker's OddsSpecifically:

Half Match Win (Winning half of the initial stake) = (Stake x Bookmaker's Odds) / 2

Half Match Loss (Losing half of the initial stake) = (Bookmaker's Odds x Stake) / 2

Full Match Loss means losing the entire stake.

Example: If you bet 100,000 on a 1/1.5 bet and the result is:

If the total number of goals is 2 or more, betting on over wins full money, i.e., 100,000 x odds, and betting on under loses the initial 100,000.

If the total number of goals is 0 or 1, betting on over loses full money (100,000), and betting on under wins full money, i.e., 100,000 x odds of under.

If the total number of goals is 1, betting on over loses half the money (50,000), and betting on under wins half the money (50,000).

By following these quality soccer tips , you can better manage your betting investments and understand the potential outcomes of your wagers.

2. Calculating Winnings in Handicap Soccer Bets

Asian Handicap bets have a calculation method similar to Over/Under (O/U) bets. However, the principal amount or initial stake (the actual amount received by the bookmaker) is calculated using the formula:

Principal Amount = Initial Stake x Bookmaker's Odds

For example, if you bet 1 million VND and the odds are 0.99, the bookmaker actually receives 990,000 VND from you. This method changes the values of winnings and losses we receive.

As mentioned above, the Handicap bet calculates winnings similarly to O/U bets:

Full Match Win: The winnings are calculated as Winnings = Principal Amount x Odds.

Full Match Loss: You lose the entire amount.

Half Match Win: You receive half the winnings from the bookmaker, calculated as Winnings = (Odds x Principal Amount) / 2.

Half Match Loss: You lose half the amount to the bookmaker, calculated as Loss = (Principal Amount x Odds) / 2.

3. Calculating Winnings in 1x2 Soccer Bets

For this type of bet, you either win fully or lose fully, so the calculation is straightforward:

Full Win: You receive the full winnings.

Winnings = Initial Stake x Odds

Full Loss: You lose the entire stake.

Example: If you place a 1x2 bet, choosing MU to win against Arsenal with odds of 1.55, and if MU wins, your 100,000 VND bet will yield:

Winnings = 100,000 x 1.55 = 155,000 VND

If Arsenal wins, you lose the 100,000 VND bet to the bookmaker.

Calculating Losses in Soccer Betting: Losing Scenarios

Typically, you might think that losing a bet means losing the entire stake, but that's not always accurate. There are scenarios where you might lose half your stake depending on the bet type, so it’s essential to understand these to protect your interests.

By following these free soccer tips , you can manage your bets more effectively and understand the outcomes of different betting scenarios.

Calculating Winnings and Losses in Soccer Betting: Key Scenarios

Losing Half the Stake

When you lose half the stake, you will lose 50% of your initial bet to the bookmaker. The formula for this is:

Loss = Initial Stake x Odds

If you place a bet and lose the entire match, you will lose the entire initial stake.

Calculating Draw Bets in Soccer Betting

In certain bets like Over/Under (O/U) and Handicap, there can be a draw where you neither win nor lose, especially when betting with a handicap of 1 goal, 2 goals, 3 goals, etc. In these cases, the bookmaker refunds your stake, meaning you neither lose money nor gain any extra.

Important Notes for Calculating Soccer Betting Winnings

Currently, bookmakers apply a common formula for calculating soccer betting winnings. Once you understand the basics, you can confidently participate anywhere.

In the past, calculations were done manually, and players would double-check to prevent fraud by bookies. Now, things have changed:

With modern technology, betting in the 4.0 era is entirely online, automated, and 100% accurate.

Therefore, if you choose a reputable bookmaker, you rarely need to practice these calculations manually.

Series Soccer Tips: Key Considerations

Choose a Good Platform: Selecting a reliable bookmaker is crucial.

Accurate Odds Analysis: Ensure you analyze the odds correctly.

Select Suitable Betting Types: Choose from O/U, 1x2, or Handicap to maximize your chances of winning and continuously earn profits.


These detailed methods for calculating winnings in soccer betting should be easy to remember, even for beginners, ensuring you can confidently engage in betting activities. Following the Series Soccer Tips will help you make informed decisions and improve your betting success.


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