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Windows XP SP3 Activation Keygen WGA CRACK LINK

After restart, the windows activation message prompted me again to activated.What do I do now? Wait for the 30 days to be over and see if it works? I see you confirmed this in a message above, but can I do something to verify that it won't block access to my windows in 2 days when activation period expires?Thank you!Ana

Windows XP SP3 Activation Keygen WGA CRACK

Thanks for the tutorial. I have been trying to run a copy of windows XP on a Virtual Machine for a little while, and no matter what I tried it wasn't recognizing my product key, and I couldn't get it to activate at all. I followed your tutorial, and it seems to have worked with one minor glitch. Whenever I log on to the virtual Machine, it still brings me to the activation screen, but the first screen that pops up says "This copy of Windows is already active, Click OK to exit", so I click OK, and it promptly logs me off. Any suggestions?

Following these steps (Activate Now) worked very well with one hiccup: I still get the activation prompt every time - declares windows has been activated, but click OK and it logs the user out immediately. I'm curious to know if anyone has found a way through this.

My Windows copy stopped working and I'm trying to hack it again! But when I press yes in the question of activating, it says windows already activated and pressing ok brings me back to the login page! so I press enter to login and the message for activation pops up again! So I'm trapped into this circle!

start narrator (windowskey - U)select the link where it says "microsoft web page"it will start internet explorer - write the address "c:\windows\explorer.exe"click on start - run - regeditremove everything related to oobe and wpaevents, all keysrestart windows, boot with hirens boot cd to access drive Cgo to c:\windows\system32\oobe, replace msoobe.exe with c:\windows\explorer.exerestart windows xpsometimes it will prompt you for 30 days activation. when click on the prompt, an error message will say there's no such /a path.This works if you make significant hardware changes (a new motherboard) on the same windows xp system.voila, no more trial activation.


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