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(2011) Numroto Plus [FULL Version] Download

(2011) Numroto Plus [FULL Version] Download

Numroto Plus is a software program that allows users to design and produce high-quality tools for various applications, such as milling, drilling, reaming, and tapping. Numroto Plus is developed by NUM, a Swiss company that specializes in CNC solutions for machine tools. Numroto Plus is compatible with Windows operating systems and can be installed on a PC or a CNC controller.


In 2011, NUM released a new version of Numroto Plus, which included several enhancements and features, such as:

  • A new user interface with improved graphics and navigation.

  • A new 3D simulation module that allows users to visualize and verify the tool geometry and cutting parameters.

  • A new tool database that stores all the tool data and parameters in a single file.

  • A new tool editor that enables users to modify and optimize the tool geometry and cutting parameters.

  • A new tool library that provides users with a selection of predefined tools for various applications.

  • A new tool measurement module that allows users to measure and calibrate the tools using a laser or a touch probe.

  • A new tool documentation module that allows users to generate and print reports, labels, and certificates for the tools.

The new version of Numroto Plus was well-received by the customers and the industry, as it offered more flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy in tool design and production. Numroto Plus was also awarded the EMO Innovation Prize in 2011 for its outstanding performance and innovation in the field of machine tool software.

If you are interested in downloading the full version of Numroto Plus (2011), you can find some links below. However, please note that these links may not be reliable or secure, as they are not authorized by NUM. Therefore, we recommend that you contact NUM directly if you want to purchase or use Numroto Plus legally and safely.

Here are some links to download Numroto Plus (2011):

  • [SoundCloud]

  • [CareerQuill]

  • [SoundCloud]


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