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Youkai Watch Movie In English Fixed

A revival series known as Yo-kai Watch! ran from April 5, 2019 to December 20, 2019 in Japan.[51] It is a continuation of the original series, while serving as a sort of prologue to the fourth movie, in which Nate receives the Yo-kai Watch Elder Version K, which looks like the same watch as the Yo-kai Watch Elder used in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. While introducing some new Yo-kai, some elements of Shadowside still retain in the new series, like the Yo-kai Arks, and the Shadowside Tribes that were used, for example.

Youkai Watch Movie In English

Kin and Gin attacked them as Bronzelow was rebuilding the clock, but then Dame Dedtime disbanded them as she summoned the most powerful Wicked, Untidy. Hovernyan tried to take on the powerful wicked, but was struggling to do so. Nathaniel tried to help him, but was afraid after remembering a time when he let a friend of his down after the Wicked possessed some kids who bullied him. Despite that, Nathaniel acted courageously by throwing his bat at Untidy's head, completely destroying him. As Nate and Nathaniel went outside to call help from their Yo-kai friends, thus creating the Yo-kai watch, Dame Dedtime became outraged and began to drop Jibanyan into a pit of fire. Luckily, Nate re-entered the factory with Nathaniel and their watches and summoned Jibanyan with it. He and Nathaniel then summoned all of their youkai friends to aid them. Dame Dedtime said she had more than enough after seeing all Yo-kai and turned to Kin and Gin who resummoned the Wicked army.

As Nate and Nathaniel made it out of the destroyed building, they saw Dame Dedtime as a giant monster. The Yo-kai tried their best to fight her, but she was immune to their attacks as Whisper pointed out on the youkai pad that she is made out of a million clones of her. In order to defeat her, the youkai fused all of their energy into the youkai watches. Nathaniel gave all the energy to Hovernyan, turning him into Darknyan. Nate was about to give Jibanyan the power until Whisper came flying in, also wanting the power, fusing him and Jibanyan together into Buchinyan. Darknyan flew Buchinyan around the monster while dodging her attacks. He then threw Buchinyan at her who started punching her several times, causing Dedtime and her clones to explode, thus restoring the present.


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