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The Son YTS

Two teenage boys and their families, living on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian border, come to know that the boys were accidentally switched after their birth in a hospital. Such a situation set across such an enmity-filled landscape could very well be expected to escalate into chaos and violence, but thankfully, the uneasy situation and the extraordinary story is well handled, and without being melodramatic.Lorraine Levy skilfully and essentially makes it a general human story, getting past its national and traditional boundaries. It tries to question identity in the face of change; genetics vs upbringing, religion, goals, where do we actually belong?, and what actually matters? The two teenage leading characters in the movie, Joseph and Yacine, deal with the situation and these questions with a certain level of maturity and sensibility, which comes from their background of education and non-inclination towards religious extremism. It also helps that the two sets of parents are intelligent and good-willed people who guide the boys to an informed and sensible transition. And that's where the beauty of the story lies.The acting by the two leads, Jules Sitruk and Mehdi Dehbi, and the remaining cast is commendable, but it's Emmanuelle Devos, as Joseph's mother, who stands out from the rest. The scene in which the details of the birth-switching is disclosed to the two families is quite heart-rending. And the scene in which Joseph, in a moment of inspiration, starts singing an Arabic song in front of his birth-family to distract everyone from the awkward atmosphere, is quite delightful.(A particular song used in the trailer as well as the movie, Yael Naim's 'My Dreams', is quite a beautiful and meaningful one)

The Son YTS

While the world continues to struggle to understand the constant schism between Palestine and Israel and yet permutations of that unsettled hot fire whose coals continue to smolder between aggressive flares, along comes a film such as this one - THE OTHER SON or Le fils de l'autre - and provides some insights that at least for the moment offer a better understanding of a very long struggle. Based on an idea by Noam Fitoussi who wrote the screenplay with Director Lorraine Lévy and Nathalie Saugeon, this is a gentle film about resolution of conflict - at least on the family level. It is a French production filmed in the West Bank and Israel under the sensitive direction of Lorraine Lévy.It's not uncommon for those who rightly resent being biologically categorized on government questionnaires, to defiantly write in 'human' when asked to indicate their race. And the same holds true in its own compelling but curious way for the switched at birth DNA-driven identity crisis drama, The Other Son.The relative stability of the two families in question - the Israeli Silbergs (Emmanuelle Devos and Pascal Elbéand) the Palestinian Al Bezaaz (Areen Omari, Khalifa Natourkin, and older son Mahmud Shalaby) in the West Bank - is shaken up when eighteen year old Joseph Silberg (Jules Sitruk) puts his musical aspirations on hold to report for mandatory military duty. But an army blood test confirms that he could not be the child of his parents, an odd stratagem, that a military on such permanent alert would be so thorough, especially since Joseph's father is a high ranking commander. But during a Gulf War missile attack near the Haifa hospital where Joseph was born, a Palestinian mother gave birth at the same time. And in the ensuing confusion, the babies must have been released to the wrong women. Joseph's distraught parents first waver, then seek out the Al Bezaaz family. And Yacine (Medhi Dehbi), their designated 'other son' in question, who has returned home for a visit from his medical school studies in France. While alternately fearful and hopeful mixed emotions become entangled, compounded by a profound cultural divide along with two fathers into deeply disapproving denial. Yet it is the coming together of the three 'brothers' that offers a ray of nope that in time this festering conundrum may be resolved.The cast is splendid, especially Jules Sitruk and Medhi Dehbi whose humanity holds the story together. Highly recommended. In French, English, Arabic, and Hebrew with subtitles. Grady Harp

Overall, the movie is a visually appealing experience, with a great aesthetic cohesion that transports the viewer into its world. The main actors deliver believable performances, making it easy to connect with the characters even though there is little to be said or known about them. The way the scenes are put together is seamless, creating a cohesive and engaging viewing experience, that feels poetic like.On the negative side, the writing/story itself is quite flat (even though that is not necessarily a problem in itself), especially when it comes to the cop's character (we know he is stuck to some case in the past, but no more than that). The supporting actors' performances, while decent, are not as believable. Also, the dream scenes were not quite as effective as the rest of the film, and direction wise seem subpar compared to the rest (the action feels sloppy and amateurish).Overall, I am glad I watched this movie. As a fan of Art-House Cinema, I think this director as great potential, but there is definitely room for improvement.

A blockbuster work by a young director from the Chinese mainland city of Shijiazhuang, is about the anxieties and thoughts from the people of different ages. I hope everyone can pay attention to this film and the young director. The director is very modest and willing to accept all bad reviews and good reviews. Although the director's technique is still immature, we can see from the arrangement of some shots that he is a filmmaker with a very unified aesthetic system, and is a new mirror with unlimited potential. Fighting Wan Ching on his own can also show his courage and commitment. I've seen it four times and I really love it! Deserves my five stars!

Released originally in 2003, the YTS-82Z Yamaha Custom Z series horns redefined the Yamaha professional saxophone concept. Offering exceptional intonation, build quality and performance, the new Yamaha Custom Z has quickly become one of the most trusted professional saxophones on the market. Then, in 2013, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Custom Z release, Yamaha launched the 2nd Generation YTS-82ZII further improving the line to offer players more than ever!

2nd Generation Yamaha Custom ZCustom Z saxophones were completely reexamined from neck to bell to offer players even more. With the new V1 Custom neck, the Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Sax offers a richer tone than previous models while maintaining an exceptional combination of expressiveness, response and control while staying true to their free-spirited origins. Since the Custom Z Tenor Sax was developed in 2003, the technology, craftsmanship and specifications of the Custom Z series have continued to improve to fulfill the needs of the highest level musicians.

One Piece BellAside from the new neck design, the other major improvement that the 2nd generation Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Sax received was in the bell. The first generation model utilized a hydro-formed 2 piece bell. While this is an efficient method of manufacturing, it was a radical departure from the traditional methods employed on pro horns throughout time. With the 2nd generation Yamaha Custom Z tenor sax, Yamaha has returned to the traditional one piece bell. This feature drastically improves low end response and offers the player a wider palette of tonal color.

After their mother's death , four brothers are reunited . John Wayne is a gunslinger , Earl Holliman is an easy and silent young , Michael Anderson Jr. is a college graduate and Dean Martin is a drunk gambler. When they aware that her mother's death might have been killing , they come together to devise a a way to seek vengeance in the murderer , James Gregory , who hires an ominous gunfighter , George Kennedy , along with bullies and hoodlums . As the ranch owner Katie Elder's four sons determine to avenge the murder of their father and the swindling of their mother .But the marshal, Paul Fix, tells them to lay off .This cultured actioner Western contains a wonderful friendship between brothers , thrills , dashingly violent action , rider pursuits , impressive attacks and loads of crossfire . In The sons of Katie Elder" Hathaway does the human touch including lots of nice moments , it is a very fine picture that could become another western worthy of any anthology . This John Wayne movie is well in the tradition of classics as The Magnificent seven, Garden of evil or The searchers . One of the Duke's most popular film of the 60s ,-in his first character following cancer surgery- as well as The Alamo, Rio Bravo, El Doradoand McLintock. In the film "The sons of Katie Elder" the spectator enjoys because it has a lot of issues that make it agreeable . Even the female character played by attractive Marta Hyer, reveals a woman who knows that she wishes and makes it irresistible . Large support cast formed by Western usual players as Paul Fix , James Gregory, Earl Holliman and special mention to big Dean Martin . Breathtaking and lively musical score by Elmer Berstein , one of the best of Western genre along with The Magnificent Seven and Comancheros soundtracks. Colorful and spectacular cinematography in Cinemascope and Techniclor by Lucien Ballard.This well-paced in cracking style flick is stunningly directed by Henry Hathaway and usually works very well . He does the human touch and full of insight that accompanied him during most of his films and the story develops pleasantly in a large frame with an interesting plot and fully adjusted to the requirements of the action .The motion picture is professionally directed by Henry Hathaway with strong screen presence by John Wayne , both of whom collaborated in various Westerns , they included Five Card Stud , North to Alaska and Wayne's Academy Award-winning True grit. Hathaway himself was only even nominated for an Oscar , but his movies themselves are testimony to his skills to heighten narrative tension and shoot action so exhilarating it made adrenalin run . Henry was a craftsman who had a long career from the 30s with successful films , and especially Westerns , as Brigham Young and Raw Hide . In his 60s Hathaway still got the vigour to make some fiery movies as From Hell to Texas, How the West was won, Nevada Smith, and Shoot out . He was an expert on Western genre as he proved in True grit , Five card stud , Nevada Smith ,How the West was won , Rawhide , Brigham Young , Buffalo Stampede, Garden of evil and of course The sons of Katie Elder. Rating : nice Western that will appeal to John Wayne fans. 041b061a72


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