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Buy Amsterdam Souvenirs Online

At the Holland Winkel we have a huge collection of Amsterdam souvenirs online. For yourself, a friend or a distant friend? There is something for men, ladies and children! The souvenirs run from Clothing & accessories, Bags, Gadgets to Office supplies. What about an Amsterdam photo frame, key ring, bottle opener or lighter? And of course we also have practical gifts because there are mousemads, calendars, pens and notepads.

buy amsterdam souvenirs online


The Hollandwinkel has been supplying traditional Dutch gifts since 2002. We deliver quality souvenirs, Delft blue, presents, gifts, and other Dutch specialities through our online souvenir shop to the Netherlands and destinations worldwide.

When I asked my Souvenir Finder Facebook group what souvenirs and gifts to pick up in Amsterdam (join our group here), the most popular response was stroopwafels. What exactly is this Dutch delicacy?

Bringing home souvenirs and gifts for children can be tough if you are looking for something unique. We happened to come across the perfect Dutch gift for children while strolling around the lovely Jordaan Neighborhood.

We managed to bring the tulip bulbs in our checked bag into the US! Some souvenirs I got included stroopwafels, Tony Chocolonely, a cute bicycle fridge magnet (flower market is cheap but I got mine at the airport) and some cute Amsterdam tote-bags at the secondhand flea market near the Opera!

The shop of Typically Dutch originated from a broad interest for the Netherlands and the passion for Dutch souvenirs. The collection in the physical had become so big that it was a logical step to also sell our offer through a webshop. Meanwhile, our online collection has been eradicated to 5000 articles and this collection is still growing. The webshop has now become more of a web store. Yet you still find the most up-to-date souvenirs in our physical store in Hoorn, but with a somewhat more modest range of products on the internet. Because of the wide range of internet and the relatively fast delivery times, you can now buy every Dutch souvenir at

On Damrak, Damstraat, Nieuwendijk, Bloemensingel (Flower Market), around Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein are plenty of cheap, cliché souvenir shops where you can buy everything from fridge magnets, key rings, hats and caps in Dutch or Amsterdam colours to cannabis souvenirs and seeds.

For more affordable day-to-day items check out the collaboration of Vans and the Van Gogh museum; as well as the main collection of clothing, stationery, and calendars in the museum. All of these items are available at the Van Gogh museum gift shop or online store.

De Pijp is a great area known for its variety of cafes. While there are shops all around the neighborhood, the main reason to shop in De Pijp is to visit the Albert Cuypmarkt. This open-air market spans the whole of Albert Cuypstraat. You can find anything here: from fresh vegetables and fish to souvenirs, suitcases, clothing, and much more. For those who are hungry, do not worry. There are plenty of stroopwafels, cheese, poffertjes and fresh pitas with hummus and olives.

Our online shop offers a selection of signature Cathedral items. Your purchase helps support our many, robust programs and services. Browse through the collection below for information on our most popular gifts and souvenirs.

Led by bean to bar chocolate retailers, ClearChox and Chocoladeverkopers, these are some of the online chocolate shops in Amsterdam, most of which also deliver throughout The Netherlands (some have international shipping at a high markup).

Sourced directly by the co-founder himself, their cacao is processed here in The Netherlands, into either 100% chocolate flakes or blocks, all for making cacao drinks at home. A physical location is in the works, but for now you can order online & find a corresponding recipe on their site.

If you visit her cafe or order online, you can also try some of her delicious single origin chocolate bars and hot chocolates, some of which are vegan-friendly. Malou and her company were also featured in my article on Millennials in Chocolate.

Other than clogs, nothing else says Amsterdam quite like tulips. If you want your souvenirs from Amsterdam to last a lifetime (with the right care, obviously!) then you might think about picking up some tulip bulbs.

On this website, you'll find all merchandise that we sell (online) at UvA. We think sustainability is incredibly important and, for that reason, we made sure that most of our products have been produced in an ecological and honest way. Would you rather see our products live? Visit our physical store on Spui 23 in Amsterdam.

Check out our extensive range of cheeses. Henri Willig has a rich assortment of premium cheeses. From cheese wheels to smaller pieces, it is all easy to order online. All our cheeses are kept in stock in a refrigerated warehouse and are carefully packed for you with the utmost care.

Have I mentioned that the city is a foodies paradise? If you are visiting you should definitely take a look at our guide to eating in Amsterdam like a local. With such good on the plate, it should not come as a surprise that edible souvenirs from Amsterdam are highly popular. Why, we even buy some from the airport if we are transiting through the city!

Suffice to say that I was addicted to it by the second bite. You can buy stroopwafel in any of the local grocery stores in Amsterdam. Aside from taking them home as souvenirs from Amsterdam, I also used to pack them in my backpack and munch them while exploring the city.

Another popular kind of souvenirs from Amsterdam are decorative items. You can find small ceramic replicas of different iconic spots all across the city. Here are a couple of trinkets that you can look for.

You probably already know that the museums in Amsterdam are famous worldwide. From the Rijksmuseum to the Van Gogh museum, there is a world of culture, history and science to explore. Many of the souvenirs from Amsterdam are bought from these museums or are around this theme.

During your time at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can access to buy from over 70 shops, half of them before security and half of them after. While waiting you can shop for cheese, flowers, bags, food, perfumes, bags, books, technology, souvenirs, tulip bulbs, make up and more.

I use one myself every, single day to create the best slices of fresh cheese. What can I say? Cheese is one of my favourite things to eat and can be combined in endless of ways. If your friend, family member or spouse is as much as a cheese lover as myself, then I can assure you that this is one of the best Dutch souvenirs and gift ideas.

Some of The Netherlands best gifts, or souvenirs, are Dutch products. Dutch cheese comes in all kind of tastes. From old cheese (first one) to regular Gouda cheese (middle) and seasonal cheese (last and green one). All these cheeses that you can find below are imported from The Netherlands.

if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'visitingthedutchcountryside_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_5',133,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-visitingthedutchcountryside_com-large-mobile-banner-2-0');You simply cannot go wrong with one of the best Amsterdam souvenirs out there. This phone case will remind you of a beautiful time that has either happened, or is coming your way, while also protecting one of your most important gadgets of the 21st century. Your smartphone.

Welkom (Dutch for welcome) my dear readers as we rock a pair of wooden clogs, eat some fabulous Gouda cheese, plant some beyond beautiful tulip bulbs, and fit as many Dutch stereotypes into this post about 25 of the best souvenirs in Amsterdam as humanly possible.

If there are several little Miffy lovers in your life, then by all means stop by De Winkel van Nijntje, a Miffy themed toy shop, and pick up some super snazzy Amsterdam souvenirs for the kids in your life.

This quaint, family-owned antique shop is brimming over with an eclectic assortment of Delftware, vintage glassware, traditional jewelry, beard man jars, and seventeenth-century still lifes, all of which would make perfect Amsterdam souvenirs for any super savvy antique collectors out there.

Here, you can buy The Diary of Anne Frank, the museum catalogue, postcards, or one of our many other publications. Your purchase helps the Anne Frank House conserve the museum and contributes to our (educational) activities.The museum shop keeps the same opening hours as the museum and can only be accessed through the museum. Payment is by bank or credit card only. The range of items sold in our shop is also available online.

If you have a problem with an online purchase and cannot resolve it with the Anne Frank House, you can use the Online Dispute Resolution-platform to send your complaint to an approved dispute resolution body. To submit a complaint on this site, you must be a resident of a country that's part of the EU. 041b061a72


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