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Bubble Shooter - Download and Play the Classic Arcade Game on Windows

Bubble Shooter.exe Download: How to Play the Classic Arcade Game on Your PC

Do you love playing casual puzzle games that are fun, easy, and addictive? If so, you might want to try Bubble Shooter.exe, a remake of the old arcade game that has been ported to Windows. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bubble Shooter.exe, including what it is, how to download and install it on your PC, how to play and master it, and what alternatives and variations you can try. Let's get started!

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What is Bubble Shooter.exe?

Bubble Shooter.exe is a file name for a Windows version of the popular bubble shooter game. A bubble shooter game is a type of match three game where you shoot bubbles from a cannon at the bottom of the screen to form groups of three or more bubbles of the same color. When you do that, the bubbles pop and disappear, clearing space for more bubbles. The goal is to clear all the bubbles from the screen before they reach the bottom.

The origin and history of Bubble Shooter

The bubble shooter game genre was created by Taito, a Japanese video game company, in 1986. They released an arcade game called Bubble Bobble, which featured two cute dragons who could blow bubbles to trap enemies and collect items. The game was a huge hit and spawned several sequels and spin-offs.

In 1994, Taito released another arcade game called Puzzle Bobble, which was based on the bubble blowing mechanic of Bubble Bobble. In this game, the player had to shoot colored bubbles from a fixed cannon at the bottom of the screen to match them with other bubbles at the top. The game had different levels with different layouts and challenges. Puzzle Bobble was also very successful and became one of the most influential puzzle games of all time.

In 2000, Puzzle Bobble was ported to Windows as Bubble Shooter.exe by Absolutist, a Ukrainian game developer. Since then, the game has been updated and modernized by various developers and publishers, such as Ilyon Dynamics, Skillz, CrazyGames, Gillu Games, etc. You can find many versions of Bubble Shooter.exe online or in app stores, each with its own features and graphics.

The gameplay and features of Bubble Shooter

The gameplay of Bubble Shooter.exe is very simple and intuitive. You use your mouse or finger to aim and shoot bubbles from a cannon at the bottom of the screen. You try to match three or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop. You can also bounce bubbles off the walls to reach tricky spots. You earn points for every bubble you pop and bonus points for popping large groups or clearing levels quickly.

Some features of Bubble Shooter.exe are:

  • Classic, tricky bubble shooting gameplay that is easy to learn but hard to master

  • More than 1000 levels with different layouts, colors, and difficulties

  • Arcade mode where you have to clear all the bubbles before they reach the bottom

  • Puzzle mode where you have to clear all the bubbles with a limited number of shots

  • Colorful graphics and sound effects that create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere

  • A high score system that tracks your progress and performance

  • An option to change the color of your bubble shooter or switch between different bubble types

The benefits and drawbacks of Bubble Shooter The benefits and drawbacks of Bubble Shooter.exe

Bubble Shooter.exe is a fun and relaxing game that can help you pass the time, relieve stress, and improve your concentration and hand-eye coordination. It is also free to download and play, and does not require an internet connection or a powerful computer. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, on your PC.

However, Bubble Shooter.exe also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. For example, the game can be repetitive and boring after a while, especially if you play the same levels over and over again. The game can also be frustrating and addictive, making you lose track of time and neglect other responsibilities. Moreover, the game can have some technical issues, such as bugs, crashes, or compatibility problems with some devices or operating systems.

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How to download and install Bubble Shooter.exe on your PC

If you want to play Bubble Shooter.exe on your PC, you have two options: you can download it from the Microsoft Store or from Both options are safe and easy, but they have some differences in terms of system requirements and installation steps. Here is how to do it:

The system requirements and compatibility of Bubble Shooter.exe

Before you download Bubble Shooter.exe, you should check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements for the game. According to the Microsoft Store and, these are:

Operating System

Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher


x86, x64, ARM, ARM64


1 GB


100 MB


DirectX 9 compatible graphics card or higher


Integrated Mouse


Integrated Keyboard


Not specified (optional)

If your PC does not meet these requirements, you might experience some problems with the game, such as slow performance, low quality graphics, or errors. You might also need to update your Windows or drivers to ensure compatibility.

The steps to download and install Bubble Shooter.exe from Microsoft Store

If you want to download Bubble Shooter.exe from the Microsoft Store, you need to have a Microsoft account and a stable internet connection. Then, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Store app on your PC or go to

  • Search for "Bubble Shooter" or click on the link above.

  • Select the game by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd. and click on "Get" or "Install".

  • Wait for the download and installation to complete.

  • Launch the game from the Start menu or the Microsoft Store app.

  • Enjoy playing Bubble Shooter.exe on your PC!

The steps to download and install Bubble Shooter.exe from

If you want to download Bubble Shooter.exe from, you do not need a Microsoft account or an internet connection after the download. However, you need to be careful about the source and the file you are downloading, as some websites might offer fake or malicious versions of the game. You can follow these steps:

  • Go to

  • Click on the green "Download Latest Version" button.

  • Select a mirror site that is close to your location and click on "Download".

  • Save the file (BubbleShooterSetup.exe) to your PC.

  • Run the file and follow the instructions to install the game.

  • Launch the game from the desktop shortcut or the Start menu.

  • Enjoy playing Bubble Shooter.exe on your PC!

How to play and master Bubble Shooter.exe on your PC

Now that you have downloaded and installed Bubble Shooter.exe on your PC, you are ready to play and master it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you:

The basic rules and controls of


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