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CKay - Love Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah)

Chocolate City Releases Love and Chocolate Vol 2 Compilation. Stream and Play Now Chocolate City Releases Love and Chocolate Vol. 2 Playlist Compilation. This playlist holds in its grasp the memories of how Love was from the early days of Chocolate City artists to now. It's a playlist that people can listen to while enjoying each other's lovely company.

CKay - Love Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah)

"It was crazy," says CKay about the initial lack of credit. "There's so many stories around this actually. A lot of Moroccans loved the song so much they started saying on TikTok that it was by some Moroccan artist. Then there was a pirate who somehow hacked the file and uploaded the song before the label approved; it did millions of views and all that. The way he uploaded it, it was El Grande Toto featuring me. So I think that's where the misconception came from. There's also the bootleg remix of the acoustic by DJ Yo which we discovered when it got on the Shazam Top 50. We had to reach out to him and reclaim the song basically."

So in that regard, this piece reads more or less like your average West African youth love song, i.e. one in which related terminology is being presented to us in both English (being that Nigeria is an Anglophone nation) and indigenous languages. 041b061a72


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