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Last Weekend

Volunteering to get out the vote this weekend is the best way to ensure Democratic victories up and down the ballot. Find the highest impact ways to get involved to win the 2022 midterms:

Last Weekend

"LastWeekend" is a film that asks audiences to spend a long Labor Day weekendin the company of a supremely dysfunctional family given to trading barbs witheach other at the drop of a hat and the unfortunate collection of guests andacquaintances that they have invited along to bear witness to the misery. Sincethis is something that most people can get for free on their own, what couldpossibly induce them into forking over the price of a ticket to experiencevicariously? Alas, the movie never gets around to answering that question, orany others of note, and as a result, anyone who does bother to show up willfind themselves bearing witness to unpleasant people doing and sayingunpleasant things to each other while hoping in vain that the two guys from"Funny Games" will show up hoping to borrow a couple of eggs.

When an affluent matriarch (Patricia Clarkson) gathers her dysfunctional family on Labor Day weekend at their Northern California lake house, her carefully constructed weekend begins to fall apart at the seams, leading her to question her own role in the family.[5]

The Last Weekend is a three-part psychological thriller television series produced by Carnival Films in 2012 for ITV, based on the Blake Morrison novel of the same name. Set over a long weekend in East Anglia, the story centres on a rival friendship that spirals out of control as personal revelations force each character to re-assess their views of one another.

Ian (Shaun Evans) and Em (Claire Keelan) receive a surprise invitation from an old friend. Ollie (Rupert Penry-Jones) invites the couple to spend a weekend in the Suffolk countryside with him and Daisy (Genevieve O'Reilly). The couples expect an idyllic holiday, but the competitive edge to the men's relationship soon rises to the surface, with irreversible consequences.

Last weekend I spent with benefit and pleasure. On Saturday I woke up at 9 am, ate and got ready for training, after a hard workout I have lunch and clean the house, in the late afternoon I go for a walk with my friends, we walk in the city, sometimes we go to coffee or to a restaurant. After a walk I come home and play video games, after video games I go to sleep. On Sunday I spend time with my family preparing breakfast together and going for a walk together, after the walk I clean my room. At 15-00 I go to an additional lesson in mathematics, after I go home and do my homework and I can read scientific literature, I can also watch a movie with my family in the evening

Portland police officers investigate a shooting in this 2021 file photo taken in North Portland. Police responded to nine shootings last weekend in a year with 788 shootings as of July 31, which is 67 more than the same time period in the previous year.

Aaron Rodgers is going to have more to say about "the power of manifestation" if his team beats the Lions on Sunday night and qualifies for the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers (8-8, No. 9 in the NFC) were sitting at 4-8 after 12 games. They haven't lost since that point, and their last two victories have been impressive on both sides of the football. The offense has found a distinctive rhythm in the run game, while Rodgers has apparently developed more trust in his young receivers. The defense has been even more of a revelation. After being inconsistent most of the season, the Packers forced four turnovers in a 26-20 win over Miami and then dominated Minnesota in a 41-17 romp last Sunday.

The Lions (8-8, No. 8 in the NFC) won the first meeting between the two teams, and they've been playing great offensively for most of this season. In fact, quarterback Jared Goff hasn't thrown a pick in his last eight games. Lions head coach Dan Campbell has been preaching toughness to his team for the last two years, and this is the moment when they need to be ready to display that. They don't control their destiny to the degree that Green Bay does -- Detroit only gets in with a win and a loss by Seattle -- but this is the biggest game the Lions have played in six years.

As for the rest of the AFC, the Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8, No. 4 in the AFC) are poised to take the AFC South on Saturday night from a Tennessee Titans team (7-9, No. 11 in the AFC) that has won that division crown the last two seasons. It's just difficult to see the Titans overcoming all their problems -- from multiple injuries to a weak passing attack -- and taking down Jacksonville at this stage. The Titans are so desperate at quarterback that they're starting Josh Dobbs for a second straight game, and he didn't even join the team until Dec. 21. Jacksonville is younger, healthier and more capable of inflicting damage with an offense led by burgeoning star quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

That leaves the last AFC wild-card spot up for grabs between three teams: the New England Patriots (8-8, No. 7 in the AFC), Miami Dolphins (8-8, No. 8 in the AFC) and Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8, No. 9 in the AFC). Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said Friday that Skylar Thompson will start in place of Tua Tagovailoa (concussion) against the Jets -- and even with Joe Flacco suiting up for New York, having the rookie under center means this is far from a gimme for Miami. The Patriots could really use a Dolphins defeat, because they've got a tough task awaiting them in their second meeting with Buffalo. Buffalo dominated New England earlier this season. Even with everything they've endured this week, the Bills are still the better team.

Finally, respect to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. A few weeks back, it seemed a certainty that he'd be on his way to his first losing season with that franchise. However, the Steelers are 8-8 with a winnable game against Cleveland coming this weekend. Pittsburgh has one of the toughest paths toward grabbing that AFC playoff spot -- the Steelers need a win and losses by New England and Miami -- but Tomlin deserves credit once again for mining the most out of a young team with obvious limitations.

Let's take a moment to bid adieu to teams that were eliminated from the playoffs in Week 17. The Carolina Panthers (6-10) gave the Buccaneers a good fight, but their secondary was too beat up to deal with Tom Brady in a division-clinching situation. In retrospect, you had to sense Carolina was in trouble when it convinced Josh Norman to leave his coffee shop in Atlanta to play cornerback last week. The bigger question surrounding the Panthers moving forward is what happens with interim head coach Steve Wilks. He displayed an impressive ability to make a listless team believe it could achieve something after Matt Rhule was fired, the best offensive player (running back Christian McCaffrey) was traded away and every veteran quarterback on the roster was tried out under center. You don't do that unless your players really believe in you.

The Washington Commanders (7-8-1) and New York Jets (7-9) bowed out because they simply couldn't generate enough offense to compete. Washington -- which hasn't won a game in the last four weeks -- only produced 10 points in a loss to a Cleveland Browns team that already had been bounced from contention. Once again, the Commanders have to go into an offseason contemplating how they can find some stability at quarterback.

The other teams eliminated on Sunday were the Las Vegas Raiders (6-10) and New Orleans Saints (7-9), which shouldn't be surprising to anybody. Las Vegas benched quarterback Derek Carr last week, while New Orleans had to win the NFC South to reach the postseason. At least the Saints can say they went out with a nice road win over the Eagles, a victory that was one of their best efforts of the season.

I was a reporter in New York at the time and flew to Los Angeles that morning to cover the story. I can still recall the haunting sound of the antique wind chimes - a gift to her from the poet Carl Sandburg - that hung beside her pool, on which floated a child's plastic yellow duck. It was a melancholy sight. I had known her a little and it made me sad.

Until now. In London as part of a two-month nationwide tour of his much anticipated show, Swinging Las Vegas, the legendary American jazz pianist and singer, Buddy Greco - who once rubbed shoulders with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack and now lives in Essex with his fifth wife - talked to me about the mysterious weekend Monroe spent at the notorious Mafia haunt, the Cal-Neva Lodge, in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, five days before she died.

And yet these days contain vital clues to her tragic end. Monroe was certainly in a dreadful state at the time. Robert Kennedy - who had inherited Monroe as a mistress from his brother, President John F. Kennedy - had just ended their five-month affair when she took off for Cal-Neva, and the last weekend of her life.

'Marilyn was distraught and heartbroken. She felt the Kennedys had handed her around like a piece of meat,' Rupert Allan, her publicist and one of her last true Hollywood friends, had said earlier.

Although her lawyers were in the middle of patching things up with the studio and were confident that Something's Got To Give would resume filming in the last week of August, with Monroe reinstated, she was still drinking heavily and bingeing on pills.

Indeed, Greco still has six black and white prints from a roll of film taken over the course of that weekend. He had kept more in a safety deposit box at the World Trade Center, but they were lost in the 9/11 terror attacks.

'But the next day when I called, she had already left. That was the last time I saw her.' So does he think that Sinatra had finally lost patience with Monroe and by abandoning her had left her to her fate?

Below are some examples showing how native English speakers typically use over the weekend. As you can see, the thing that happens during the weekend can be something quick, like a phone call, or something that lasts most of the weekend, like a trip to Miami. 041b061a72


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